X-MEN MAGIK (2000-2001)

The writers who would soon reinvent Marvel’s “Cosmic” line of comics brings us a series about the new Magik: Amanda Sefton. She got the title in the Black Sun miniseries. When this one starts, she rules Limbo, and she is warned by Nightmare that something wicked is coming to destroy the Nightmare dimension, Limbo, and other realms.

She and Nightcrawler team up with the likes of Dormammu, Mephisto, Pluto, Umar, and several others to identify and neutralize the threat.

The art is great.

It turns out that the threat was an unintended consequence of something Sefton herself had done.

The “twist” in the story isn’t as much fun as it is to see all the various minor “realm rules” all in one comic. It makes for a solid read.

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