Iron Man #195-196 (1985)


Rhodey’s headaches are getting worse, so he goes to see Alpha Flight’s Shaman for a cure, who uses Native American vision quest techniques to determine that Jim feels guilty about having the armor while Tony was sick with alcoholism.  So, he quits wearing it.

It is a little cliche–Rhodey discovers his conscience is his own worst enemy–but Luke McDonnel’s art can turn purple prose into poetry. Still, kind of a disappointing end to a storyline that had a ton of build-up.

Also, Dr. Demonicus is back with his giant sea monster that looks a lot like Godzilla.

Tony is living in California and hanging out at the West Coast Avengers’ headquarters, where Hawkeye is working on him to take up the Iron Man mantle again.

Tony says he doesn’t want to be Iron Man again, but they fight the monster together.

Rich Buckler subs in on the art for #197.

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