Power Pack #56-58 (1990)

The covers kinda say it all.  The first two issues of this 3-issue story are about a search for Galactus, and the last issue…

..is what happens when Power Pack finds him.

The deets: Franklin Richards has one of his annoying prediction dreams about Galactus, while at the same time Nova is drawing the big G closer and closer to Earth. 

It’s not on purpose. He is following her–she just found Infant Terrible (who last appeared in Fantastic Four #24) and she’s bringing him to the FF because he needs help.

She seems to not realize she is doing it, but if she doesn’t know what she’s doing then she’s a bad herald.

As per usual, the grown-ups won’t listen to Franklin so he goes to his buddies in Power Pack and the five of them go to outer space where, as noted above, they eventually meet up with Galactus.

Turns out, though, that Franklin predicted an attack by a Star Stalker on Earth—not by Galactus—but they need Galactus’ ultimate nullifier to defeat the Star Stalker.  He agrees to help them and then the problems get resolved somehow but I lost the thread because this is very, very hard to read. Hard to read because it’s so bad.

Not because it’s hard to read like Dostoyevsky or James Joyce.

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