X-Factor #95-100 (1993-1994): The Haven Temptation

In this arc, which builds to the big issue #100 celebration, the government-sanctioned team fights terrorists until a new, villainous mutant named Haven shows up and promises a new age where humans and inferior mutants will die to clear the decks for the truly enlightened.

Issue #96 ends with the shot above, and then, because we couldn’t clearly see Polaris’ tits, the full-page panel is redrawn at the beginning of #98 and it is clear she’s not wearing a bra.

Rather than being a militia leader like Magneto, Haven is an author.  

She wrote “Man, Mutant and the New Humanity,” and now has a cult following.

Haven poses like this a lot.

The team splits up with some following Haven and others resisting until Haven starts praising the Legacy Virus….And Madrox (seems to) die from it.

There are many good character moments thoughout. Rahne is becoming increasingly feral–and protective of Havok, who she is crushing on. Madrox has continuing problems with his dupes, one of which goes to sign on with Haven.

Above average.  But man do I miss Peter David.

Scott Lobdell plotted this, with J.M. DeMatteis starting his run as scripter. Pencils were by Greg Luzniak, with Jan Duursema drawing #97 and #99.

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