Marvel Comics Presents #9 (1988): Cloak, El Aguila

In addition to the two serialized installments in issue #9 of MCP (which are covered separately, as one long story, on this site), we got two solo stories–each about a minority character. The first is a Cloak tale–rare to see a solo story without Dagger (who appears only briefly)–in which he saves a girl who was kidnapped by the Moloids. Pretty simple story–all he has to do is teleport to the girl and then teleport away with her. It’s the first script by future editor Marc McLaurin, who would go on to develop the groundbreaking Marvels miniseries.

For my purposes, the most important thing here is that I get to use my Water Towers tag based on the splash page. By this time, the late ’80s, there are a lot fewer of them appearing in comics.

Next, El Aguila gets a short solo story, where he goes home to Spain and meets a villain named, you guessed it, El Conquistador. The villain never appears again.

It’s not terrible.

The story was Scott Lobdell’s audition.  From here, he’s go on to write many of the overly testosteroned books of the 1990s.

As for El Aguila, he won’t appear again until 2005!  20 years later! 

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