EXCALIBUR #116-119 (1998)

These issues have two stories that weave together.

First, Kurt is captured by some Sidrian hunters seeking revenge on the X-Men, who inadvertently caused the Sidri to mutate during a battle with the Brood years ago. They are now biologically unstable. Other Excalibur members find Nightcrawler and go to save him, and it looks like they’re going to lose the battle when Douglock figures out that he can give the Sidri some of his techno-organic components that will fix their biology.

Meanwhile, back at their base, Lockheed runs away from Kitty’s bedroom. When she playfully talks to her stuffed Bamf doll, we the readers see that it is alive. That turns out to be a scheme by Nightmare, which concludes with issue #119.

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