GENERATION X #58 (1999)

Last issue, the St. Croix twins were expelled from their Penance body, but that physical body was still alive–and ran away.

Now, the Generation Xers start searching for Penance. They find an injured student in the woods outside their school and think that Penance did it, but it turns out it was just a forest monster–and Penance helps the kids take it down. So, it looks like Penance is on the team now.

Meanwhil, Monet’s father comes to the Academy now that all his kids (the twins, Monet, and Emplate) are all there together and in distinct corporeal forms (since all their kids keep merging into each other). While there, Emplate admits that he killed his mother.

At the end of the issue, Mr. St. Croix tells Monet he’s pulling her out of the school.

This is a solid issue. The story of the St. Croix children can be very hard to follow, but this story makes a lot of sense of all of it and is a good primer on who Emplate is.

Nicely done.

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