DAREDEVIL #361 (1997)

There are a lot of good things about this largely, unjustly unremembered Daredevil run, and one of them is all the good secret identity plotlines. Karen is working for a radio station and Matt stops by to see her, swinging into a storage room windo as Daredevil and emerging through the door as Matt…

It’s a classic Superman joke–or at least one I can’t believe I’ve never seen in a Superman comic. Her coworkers don’t like that Matt is a lawyer, but we don’t learn why (yet). (Kingpin owns the radio station.)

Meanwhile, Molten Man tries to hire Foggy Nelson to clear his name. He’s gone straight and works for Osborn Chemical, but given his past, they’re all assuming he’s guilty.

He knows Foggy is friendly with Daredevil. And Foggy’s new firm wants the business from Oscorp.

Turns out, the crook is one of my favorite villains: Grey Gargoyle!

Black Widow guest stars. Also, it’s the first appearance of Matt’s service dog…

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