DEFENDERS #93 (1981): Nighthawk paralyzed

reaction shots DEFENDERS #93

What are they all reacting to?

nighthawk crippled paralyzed before batman

Nighthawk is paralyzed!  

Long before it happened to Batman (at the hands of Bane), Marvel’s pseudo-Batman character lost the use of legs due to injury.  However, soon a magic spell enables him to have power during the full moon–thus giving meaning to his “Nighthawk” name. It happens in this issue, during a fight with Nebulon.

This is author JM DeMatteis’ second issue on this series, of a pretty solid, long-term run.  He’s still finding his feet and setting the stage for what he plans to do. He brings in Nebulon, gathers the original team-members, and offers a convoluted and confusing issue. All of these things are Defenders traditions.

He begins in earnest next issue with the 6-fingered hand saga.

And Namor does some glam swimming.

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