Avengers Spotlight #39 (1990)

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you know that anything with Black Knight gets short shrift from me.  I just hate this character.

To the credit of the creators of this single-issue tale, they do a good job at making him relevant.  He’s a swords-and-sorcery guy, and in this story he fights street criminals in Washington, DC, and gets in trouble with the cops for being a vigilante.  And because there’s ANOTHER armored guy running around town (Crusader, first seen in Thor #330), there’s some mistaken identity in it.  It’s a misunderstood hero/fish out of water story.

If you don’t recall who Crusader is, there’s a nice recap. Dan Quayle appears, but more importantly, Black Knight gets punched hard in the face.

I grade this as a C+.  The “plus” is for making a BK story that I actually liked reading.

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