Captain America #7-11 (2003): The Extremists

Here’s one way to know you’re in trouble: The cover to the first issue of your story says it is part 1 of 4, but the splash page says there will be five parts.  Ladies and gentlemen, nobody is editing this.

I’ve been underwhelmed by this Marvel Knights series.  The recurring theme appears to be questioning blind patriotism by having Captain America fight terrorists who aren’t always acting on bad motives—but is apologizing for terrorism really the message we want to send?

In this story, it’s an immortal Native Americans who taps into ancestral mystic power and try to cleanse the United States of everyone who isn’t Native American.  Not a terrible premise, I supposed, but it’s coming on the heels of several similar stories and, worse, it assumes that all Native Americans are the same.  They weren’t.  They were warring nations.

This is far from a terrible comic, but it’s also not much better than average.  It doesn’t help that halfway through the arc we transition to a brand new creative team to finish the story after it started.

That’s never a good thing.

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