KA-ZAR #1-4 (1997)

Mark Waid writing Punisher, with Andy Kubert on art? OK, that has potential.

These issues are one long story. We start with Parnival Plunder hiring Gregor, the man who trained Kraven, to lure Ka-Zar and his family back to New York.

Yes, Parnival is alive. And he has cybernetic parts now.

Gregor attacks Ka-Zar, repeatedly, and ultimately brings him above the Savage Land to Antarctica before confessing that Parnival is in New York and is the man who hired him to try to kill Ka-Zar’s family.

And so, Ka-Zar goes to New York to stop Parnival. But Parnival has a powerful and mysterious ally.

That seems a good place to break.

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