We start with a training session. Frenchie and Moon Knight have some stuff they need to work out.

It makes me think that they could have done some triangle work when Midnight was vying to be Moon Knight’s sidekick–around jealousy and the like. That would have been cool. The whole Midnight stuff felt like it rushed to the end and never really went anywhere.

Now for the main story: Hobgoblin, now Demigoblin, is looking for Marc Spector.

So they fight.

The interesting twist is that it is Demigoblin’s human host, Jason Macendale, who is really looking for Marc Spector because he believes Spector is also possessed by a demon–Konshu.

Oh no. That’s not it. That would have been really interesting. Instead, Macendale was an old colleague of Spector’s. So it’s just another “small world” coincidence.

Still, it’s kind of a cool story.

Frenchie and Moon Knight’s conflict bleeds into the action.

And Frenchie wasn’t really wrong about Macendale being untrustworthy….

Spider-Man guest stars.

But he’s not terribly necessary to the story.

There’s nothing really important here, but it’s a good couple issues. Howard Mackie comes aboard as writer and that’s a good thing. He’s been doing solid work on the Ghost Rider, and it looks like he can do some good work here, too.

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