Gambit #1-4 (1993-1994): 1st Candra, Tithe Collector

Yet another in a long line of 1990s miniseries that spotlight one X-character to very little effect.  In this one, Gambit goes back to his New Orleans roots, bringing love interest Rogue along for company.

We learn he has real estate.

Actually, they’re going back to see if Gambit’s wife is still alive.  That’s right, he’s bringing his side chick to save his one-and-only.

They do seem to make the most of it, though, with lots of “romantic” panels like the one above. And the one below, where he’s putting his hand somewhere…

This is the first appearance of Candra, but she won’t appear many more times.

She’s in league with Gideon.

Over the course of the story Gambit seeks a magic potion to save his wife’s life, and Rogue helps.  

The potion is called The Elixir of Life, and X-Ternals need it, apparently. It is controlled by this guy:

Lots of stuff about the Thieves’ Guild, which Gambit belonged to before he became a good guy, and its competitor, The Assassins Guild.

If you love Gambit you’ll probably want to read this but if you don’t, you won’t miss anything essential. None of this really matters or is used much to shape Gambit in the future. Also, I’m a big fan of Lee Weeks but his art here is kind of bland.

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