X-Force #123 (2002): Nuff Said

It must have been helpful to the creators here that they have a character who never speaks to use as the star of their “Nuff Said” issue.

This entire comic takes one second to occur.  It starts with a clock ticking one second before midnight and then reaching midnight in the last panel.  Very cool.

The story is this: Doop pops a pimple and in doing so accidentally creates a vortex into his own brain.  The X-Force are sucked in and have a bunch of adventures inside Doop’s own imagination.  Each of them appear to die, which is the grand tradition of this series, where a central character dies in almost every story.

Doop is ultimately able to “unpop” the zit, and return them all to reality.

‘Nuff Said was a gimmick that could have gone horribly wrong but instead, in nearly all cases, it promoted new and different stories from creators and prompted some really offbeat and terrific issues.

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