UNCANNY X-MEN #318 (1994): Jubilee quits

Jubilee leaves to join Generation X. Good choice. it will be a much better book than Uncanny X-Men in the coming couple years. And look how stylin’ they all are!

Lots of nice character moments and goodbyes. Jubilee confronting Archangel about his constant bad mood is a nice one.

Also, a few “implications” developments. Like Iceman asking Emma how she was able to use his powers while he was under her mind control a few issues ago.

Knowing that Iceman is “really” gay (a retcon) makes this a little odd, but overall it’s a very cool narrative device that Bobby only realizes the full extent of his massive power when someone else uses his body without his consent. I also like that Emma was forced to wear her dominatrix garb while in the Hellfire Club, and here she truly embraces the role. (I know there’s a (Classic X-Men?) story where we see Sebastian Shaw forcing Emma (or Jean?) to dress in S&M gear–but I can’t find it now. Anyone know what I’m thinking of?)

I kind of wish they’d spent more time on this. Lots here. Also, Skin doesn’t like Beast’s singing.

I also really like the slow and organic way that the Generation X team and book is getting launched. Marvel could learn a lot from this–it’s so different from the “throw al the shit at the fan and see what sticks” approach that was prominent in the mid-90’s but still exists today.

Note: The cover is a tribute–part of a long history of “leaving the X-Men” style covers.

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