EXCALIBUR #95 (1996)

Another “hope you survive the experience” tribute. The credits are fun, too…

…I wonder if Warren Ellis actually wrote that blurb?

X-Man has been making the X-rounds, appearing in several of the mutant monthlies. It’s Excalibur’s turn–and this story is a direct continuation of X-Man #12. X-Man is mad at Moira based, once again, on his belief that the 616 X-Men are the same as those in the Age of Apocalypse. He finds the mutant Spoor trapped in Moira’s lab and assumes she’s experimenting on mutants. I mean, it’s a little more complicated than that, but basically what’s causing him to misunderstand who the heroes are is his own alternate reality experiences.

The team let’s Nate use his telepathy to scan their minds and he learns that they’re good guys.

Then he flies away and doesn’t say “sorry for busting your shit up and fighting for an entire issue.”

It’s basically just cross promotion, but Ellis does a good job with the script and I like Pacheco’s art.

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