SPIDER-MAN/DAREDEVIL #1-3 (2001): Unusual Suspects

This is a Marvel Knights title, and it has amazing interior art. It has a terrific opening splash page, with a headline showing Spider-Man decidedly “above the fold” (and paying tribute to Spidey’s very first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15), and Daredevil in small print at the bottom of the page.

It sets up the concept for the comic.

The story is simple: Daredevil and Spider-Man are both trying to stop the same criminal enterprise, run by Kingpin, so they team up against him.

Kingpin counters by suing the pair–and he hires Murdock and Nelson to represent him. He is injured in a gas main explosion at his high rise and blames the heroes, but their investigation leads to these guys:

But by a strange twist of plot, we find out that the old F-list villain Copperhead is truly behind it all.

He’s been resurrected by “the devil” (not Mephisto, just a general “devil” character), and he’s got a plan to literally unleash Hell on Earth and he’s stopped by Daredevil. No. Spider-Man stops him. No. The Owl. It’s the Owl who is the big hero.

He’s not dead.

Aaaaaaaand the series has a solid ending….

The whole thing begs this question: Why is this a miniseries? Jenkins is the regular writer of Peter Parker Spider-Man right now. He does a solid job there. But not like this. This is way better.

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