FANTASTIC FOUR #19-21 (1999)

The F4 are still trapped in the Negative Zone and having various adventures. This time, after seemingly defeating Annihilus, they get home only to find that The Ruined have turned the Eiffel Tower into bones and yodda yodda.

There’s also more about the Excalibur castoffs and new characters, including a new character, Marvel Girl, who turns out to be Valeria Von Doom–the daughter of an alternate universe Susan Storm and Doctor Doom.

The endless “versions” of Storm/Richards family members from other realities was the worst and most annoying part of Tom DeFalco’s historically bad run–and Claremont’s whole brand is alternate versions of realities–dating all the way back to Days of Future Past.

I’m really struggling to like–or even read–this series.

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