Just two stories in this issue. In the first one, Modred the Mystic takes on a new disciple, Kyllian Boddicker.

Only he doesn’t want to be called “disciple.” Also, he’s now going by the name Wildpride.

Kyllian’s animal magic works well against Werewolf by Night, and the villians manipulate him and Vengeance and Morbius into attacking Salome. Modred’s goal is to trick Salome into thinking the attack–by Midnight Sons–was directed by Doctor Strange (their unofficial leader)–so that she will team up and kill Strange.

It doesn’t work. And as a result, in the end, the roles are flipped and Modred finds himself disciple to Kyllian.

It’s a fun story. Grade: B

The second story is written by Tom Brevoort and Mike Kanterovich and it’s much less cool–probably because Johnny Blaze without powers is just not that interesting. Grade: C-

1 thought on “MIDNIGHT SONS UNLIMITED #5 (1994)”

  1. It was so foolish and idiotic of David Quinn Mark Tenney and John Hixson to turn a heroic Kyllian into an evil person when thos character returns from decades of obscurity he should change back permanently to human form and his original power set with the oak staff of the druids and join the New Warriors like it was intentionally planned.


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