AVENGERS #431-433/#16-18 (1999)

Wait! What happened? This books was created by the amazing crew of Kurt Busiek and George Perez but these issues are…Not. Kurt writes #16, but then it’s Jerry Ordway doing both writing and art.

Jerry’s a legendary creator, so these issues don’t suck but they’re inferior to what we’ve come to expect from the rebooted Avengers series and they stand in stark contrast. If they were a standalone series, it wouldn’t feel as much like a big step down.

avengers 431

The story involves the Wrecking Crew, who are “yanked off a heist” by an advisor to Arkon who uses them in a plot to energy-drain Monica Rambeau, capture The Avengers, and de-throne Arkon.

Do you like Arkon?

I don’t. And neither does Vision.

Poor Vision. First Wonder Man takes his woman, now Arkon is back.

He’s a lot more silver-tongued than either Vision or Simon Williams.

And Vision voluntarily takes a back seat–just as he did for Simon. I think maybe he has a cuck fetish?

It’s nice to see Photon in this story. In fact, the twist of this is that she also goes by “Captain Marvel” and one of the key villains here is Doomsday Man–an old Carol Danvers villain. (Hence the title of the story, “Mistaken Identity.”)

Also, Firestar feels protective of Justice.

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