FANTASTIC FOUR #65-66/494-495 (2003): Small Stuff/Big Stuff

Johnny Storm leases out unstable molecules to a fashion designer. Remember, Sue put Johnny in charge of the FF’s business lines to help make them solvent and help him grow up. The designer tries to reverse-engineer them, but Reed thought of that and protected them from duplication. But Johnny essentially weaponized that protection, and now it is eating the building.

Meanwhile, interdimensional insects invade the Baxter Building.

Reed and Ben decide to use a shrink-ray so they can get Ben to be small enough to track down and clobber the insects.


Why does Reed’s size-changing ray look like a dog’s penis?

It’s pretty rare we get a “sound” joke in a comic book.
fantastic four #65

When Thing shrinks, it makes his voice squeaky.  Mark Waid’s Reed Richards has a sense of humor, which is cool.

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