Silver Sable & the Wild Pack #8-10 (1993)

Sable and her pack track down Hydra Nazis in South America, and also the man who killed Sable’s father.  Along the way, she needs information from a criminal who has been targeted by Punisher.  The two heroes fight over who gets to beat up the bad guy, then they team up, and when it’s all over they have a “who’s tougher” contest.

Honestly, international mercenary stuff isn’t so bad, and with Nick Fury’s comic ending there’s no one else at Marvel doing it—but crowbarring a Punisher appearance in is just distracting and makes this comic appear to be out of original ideas.

Sable also rescues a man-tiger, who will later join her Pack.

Battlestar, of Sable’s Wild Pack, frees him.

He’s a human who was subject to Hydra torture and experimentation.

He eats people. Hence, the name Man-Eater.

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