Marvel Comics Presents #1-8 (1988) (Shang-Chi story)

Doug Moench revives Shang Chi!  And like most Shang Chi stories, it doesn’t have much to do with the greater Marvel Universe.

That seems to be a pattern with this anthology book: Take characters and let them have true solo stories, dissociated from the rest of 616 continuity.

It picks up with there being a reward for Shang-Chi, dead or alive, which is pretty much how his solo book ended.  I didn’t cover that book for this site because it was so far away from the Marvel Universe, and this story is pretty much the same—so I’m going note that it exists, pronounce it pretty good, and stop here.

If this had been a true attempt to bring Shang Chi back, that’d be one thing—but instead we get eight issues and he disappears again.

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