UNCANNY X-MEN #145-147 (1981): Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom kidnaps Arcade, so Arcade’s gal-pal Miss Locke kidnaps Illyana Rasputin, Amanda Sefton, Jean Grey’s parents, and others to coerce the X-Men to save Arcade.

They ask Beast for information from The Avengers’ files.

Storm leads the landing team at Doom’s castle.

Throughout, it becomes clear that Doom is crushing on Storm.

After a lot of very fun fighting and stuff, the X-Men save Arcade. Along the way, Storm seems to tap into her deeper, more powerful potential.

The team members have to fight through Arcade’s sequences. Banshee finds himself int he wild west.

Wolverine’s sequence is especially well done.


Turns out, Arcade insulted Dr. Doom, and all Doom wants is an apology.


And because Chris Claremont wrote this, it has to end by showing us what’s to come. Scott Summers is out on his own mourning Jean Grey’s death when he gets shipwrecked with a nice blonde and comes upon a hidden city.

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