TALES OF SUSPENSE #61-62 (1965)

At this time, the book is split even between solo Cap stories and solo Iron Man stories. 

Between the two, we get about one good comic every two issues.  In, #61-62 we get Mandarin’s origin and, while it’s not a great story, it’s better than most Iron Man solos and it is historically “important.”

It is recounted while Iron Man is captive. Classic.

But in the back half, Captain America literally fights a sumo wrestler.

The art is great (some of my favorite Jack Kirby stuff happens in these Tales of Suspense comics), but the story…Ugh. 

Also, he fights a mob and uses every part of his body.

EVERY part.

He also ends up behind bars for a bit, which means I can use my superheroes in jail tag.

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