Uncanny X-Men #215-216 (1987): 1st Crimson Commando, Stonewall, Super Sabre

Storm and Wolverine go to find Jean Grey’s sister, who has become a pro-mutant activist.  

Meanwhile, Arclight and Scalphunter hunt Wolverine.

And because this is a Chris Claremont story, there’s other hunters too–Storm gets captured by three aged World War II heroes.

They’re old, they still have powers, and now they catch criminals then hunt them through the wilderness for sport.

(And remember, Storm is de-powered.). Crimson Commando (think: Captain America) is the leader. His partners are Super Sabre (a speedster)…

And Stonewall, who can’t be knocked down.

(What kind of a power is that???).

Once caught, she finds another captive–a young woman. Together, they conspire to escape.

Wolverine does track her down to help, but honestly, she doesn’t seem to need it.

The other woman, the captive, is killed as a result of the old heroes’ actions. But Storm decides not to kill them back in return.

And in the end there’s a big lesson–learn from your mistakes.

A PSA from Storm.

And there’s a development in the Madelyn Pryor mystery.  In X-Factor, she appears to be dead—but now we see her wake up in a hospital.

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