GENERATION X #71-74 (2001): Four Days

This book has never been better. And it is headed towards cancellation with issue #75. Instead of ending with a huge story arc, we get four “day in the life” issues in a row, each focusing on different members of the team, all taking place on the same day.

The first issue of the arc starts with Chamber waking in his bedroom.

Look. On the middle of the page, right-hand side.

He has a comic book about himself.

The students have a day off from school and head into NYC to hang out. Chamber meets a deaf girl in a record store and they flirt for the issue.

It’s a sweet character issue with remarkable depth, and it ends with Chamber getting her digits but then throwing them away because she deserves someone better than he is–i.e., a man who has an actual chin and a chest.

Next, Monet and Jubilee go clothing shopping together at an expensive boutique–the kind M can afford (rich daddy) and Jubilee cannot (runaway/orphan)–and fight some anti-mutant terrorists. They use their powers to stop the terrorists, and then Monet mindwipes all the civilians. All this after Monet started the issue saying she would never need to use her powers to defend herself because she studies martial arts.

The third issue of the arc goes back to the school, where Skin stayed behind while the others went into the city and has an adventure with Banshee.

Sean lets the minor drink a beer.

Somewhat drunk, Banshee gets sloppy and is kidnapped by some thugs who know he’s a mutant. Skin rescues him.

And we close with a Husk-centric story, where she meets bona-fide ghosts of the kids who used to go to the school–and whose spirits are trapped there–and helps one of the youngest get a message to her mother, who is still living. It’s another quiet story with strong impact.

I’m so sad this series is ending next issue.

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