Note: This series was originally published in 2013 on my old site,, which is now devoted 100% to music. I have reprinted the series here, for posterity.

Here we see a conversation between Superman and the warlord, whose battle Superman interfered with earlier in the tale.   As Superman struggles with the loss of his true love, Lois, he begins to experience true humility: That sometimes imposing his own moral code on others may not be the best answer.   Of course, right after this sequence we meet a new villain, Equus, who has biology unlike any Superman has seen before.  And yet, even with all of his power, Equus is stil human.  

Superman recovers a device that caused the vanishing, and meets a character named Mr. Orr who, much like John Constantine in Swamp Thing or Nick Fury in the Marvel Universe, knows things Superman doesn’t know and keeps the story moving for some greater purpose.   Obviously, he is the human/God counterpart to Superman’s superhuman/God.

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