X-MEN #60-61 (1997)

The External Candra possesses Cyclops in order to tell Storm she wants a gem Storm stole as a child–because the gem is Candra’s “heart gem.” Storm goes after Candra, but it turns out the gem actually enables the Shadow King to emerge.

But then he becomes Juggernaut, and Storm realizes that it’s all psychic misdirection.

By then, Cyclops and a strike team arrive, and Cyclops destroys the stone.

Along the way there are flashbacks to Storm’s past and a whole bunch of development about a few other Externals who really, REALLY don’t matter. Not sure why we need all this mythology around a story that ends up just being a bunch of fakery.

Meanwhile, there are more very slow burning developments for Psylocke and Sebastian Shaw.

I know I’ve said this several times already, but these mid-’90s X-stories are full of pointless plots while a few more interesting arcs simply simmer for so long that they stop being interesting.

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