Amazing Spider-Man #318-319 (1989)

Scorpion adds claws to his costume from Stark competitor Justin Hammer.

He also takes hostages and orders pizza.

Then, Hammer also hires Rhino and Backlash and his employees all fight, while Spider-Man tries to stop innocents from getting hurt.

There are some check-ins with Peter and Mary Jane Parker living at Aunt May’s house, but they’re starting to feel formulaic: The couple fights and makes up every issue, with MJ putting on something skimpy in-between (and, to be fair, Peter often appearing without a shirt on).  And there’s some mentions of the Chameleon crime-boss stuff from Gerry Conway’s intertwined Spectacular/Web books.  But they feel pretty rote.

This continues to be a good book, but it’s losing some of its mojo.  I’m dropping it to a “C” connoting that it is just average.

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