AVENGERS ANNUAL #7 (1977): Death of Adam Warlock, Gamora

While hunting Thanos, continuing from Warlock #15, Adam finds Gamora.


We see Gamora die (we still d\on’t know she’s the daughter of Thanos and the death is, of course, impermanent).

This makes Warlock mad. So he goes after Thanos.

Thanos plans mass murder.


Adam Warlock enlists the help of Earth’s mightiest heroes.

There’s actually very little of the Mad Titan in this story. A lot of it is cosmic Warlock stuff. Lots of fun, but not worth summarizing in a blog post. Go read it yourself–it’s only good when you read it as the great Jim Starlin intended.

But there is a very cool big cosmic war.

And of course a fight against Thanos.

It ends with Warlock “dying” by joining his friends Pip and Gamora inside the Soul Gem…


But the storyline against Thanos is to be continued in Marvel Two In One Annual #2!

This is the second-best comic Jim Starlin ever created. Wanna know what was the best? Go here.

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