FANTASTIC FOUR 1234 #1-4 (2001-2002)

This post is on Grant Morrison and Jae Lee’s wonderful 4-issue miniseries, Fantastic Four 1234.

If you’ve never read this book, it’s brilliant. 


One by one, Morrison destroys each member by giving them what they want.  Doctor Doom does it by making a deal with a sentient, reality-twisting machine. Obviously, Thing becomes human.  This breaks him (literally)–Ben Grimm needs to be a monster to survive. 

The constantly lonely Sue gets a torrid passionate lover.

I’m assuming he has a massive dong and he’s showing it to her in the panel above.

Here, she tells Alicia about it…


I love this conversation.  The water outside, the blind woman talking the the invisible woman who feels completely ignored and unseen. It’s brilliant on so many levels. 

Human Torch himself becomes blinded and kept wet, unable to flame on, by the very same water that brings Namor to Susan.  And through it all, Reed gets to be left alone.

Jae Lee’s art is beautiful…Transcendant.


If you’ve never read this, it’s a great Grant Morrison story: Weird and quirky, but not as completely off-the-wall as some of Morrison’s other work.

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