INFINITY GAUNTLET #3, Dr. Strange #33, Silver Surfer #55-56 (1991)

Thanos is nothing if not dramatic.


Similarly, Jim Starlin’s pacing may be slower than what modern readers are accustomed to, but he knows how to build drama without losing an audience.  Halfway through the miniseries and we’re just now getting the whole band together.  It is so much fun seeing George Perez draw just about everyone.

While the recruitment is on, led by Adam Warlock, we get nice little character moments like this one…


And Doom, as is typical, being a jerk. Iron Man is kinda jerky too.

Also, Galactus doesn’t like being summoned by Warlock…

But it turns out, Warlock can’t be killed by the big purple G.

It’s also interesting to see Quasar as part of this group of ridiculously powerful characters.

Quasar’s bands are from Mar-Vell, so it makes sense.

We get a great two-page spread of the main cosmic powers of the Marvel Universe…


Note that this is the first appearance of Master Hate, aka Sire Hate, a cosmic entity representing, well, hate.

The Watcher’s arrival signals the start of the big brawl. And it will be huge.

Next issue, it’s on like Donkey Kong.

Infinity Gauntlet is one of the Top 10 Jim Starlin series  ever.


Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #33. 

He time-travels to Egypt and meets Cleopatra and Caesar.  Then Thanos applauds.

Creators: Roy and Dann Thomas, Chris Marrina.  Grade: D

Silver Surfer #55-56.


Thanos gets revenge on Warlock for turning him to stone.

And does Surfer the way Jabba did Leia.  There’s also some views of a potential apocalyptic future…

…In which Silver Surfer is Thanos’ slave.

Thanos as Lady Liberty is a nice touch

You don’t have to read these to follow Infinity Gauntlet, but they’re some good issues. Grade: B

Note: Hulk #384-385 takes place during these issues as well, but it is covered separately.

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