Marvel Graphic Novel #18: Sensational She-Hulk (1985)

Lots of nudity in this terrific OGN.

Man did John Byrne love to draw Shulkie!

At this point, She-Hulk didn’t have her own comic yet—but I bet John Byrne was already floating the idea, since it’s the reason he left the Thing solo comic, and he’d done a solo story for her in Fantastic Four that, to this day, is a fan favorite (and is one of the best comics of the ’80s). 

I’m not sure what Byrne’s fetish was here. Green chicks? Girls with muscles? He loved to draw She-Hulk topless.

He even showed a little nipple.

Ahem. It’s not all nudity, but honestly that was a big selling point in 1985–when comics were still just beginning to approach sexuality as a topic. But there is a story…

S.H.I.E.L.D. decides it would be a good idea to kidnap She-Hulk and see if they can duplicate her.  (Nick Fury doesn’t participate.)  Obviously, this doesn’t go well for SHIELD.  She-Hulk beats up Mandroids, gets teleported to a secret base, fights a monster made up of cockroaches (pretty gruesome), and, of course, crashes the Helicarrier.  Because without that, no SHIELD story can be complete.

As for character development, her relationship with Wyatt continues to be one of the healthiest, kindest, and most loving portrayed in comics up to this point.

There’s one lasting effect of the story: She-Hulk loses the ability to change into Jennifer Walters.  Here is her reaction:

She doesn’t care.  Because really, why would she?  She’s super strong and still hot.

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  1. Great post. I remember the whole “nip slip”, too. Shield was always getting a bad rap around this time… I remember the “Nick Fury vs. Shield” prestige format mini–a nicely drawn but confusing plot involving the LMDs and the infinity formula. Poor Nick has gotten a raw deal in his retirement–replaced by the MCU version, exiled to the moon, etc. I miss the action Nick of the 70’s and 80’s.


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