X-MAN #39-41 (1998): 1st Witness/Ness

X-Man has visions of his own death and an apocalyptic future. I mean, he just started banging his own mom–or at least a clone of her–so that kinda makes sense.

The power of his visions awakens the Great Beasts of Canada, so Nate has to take care of that problem.

Some dude named Ness witnesses it all. He’s seen Nate destroy the world before, and he “will not bear witness to it again.” He begins searching for X-Man in the present time, and instead finds the aftermath of the Great Beasts fight and some Psi-Ops agents interviewing witnesses (with a lowercase “w” as opposed to Mr. Ness, who is also called Witness with a capital “W”).

Despite all that has happened, Nate is still doing it with his mom-clone.

Good lord that’s gross.

Nate’s powers are still slowly killing him so he thinks maybe Threnody’s energy-drain power could help, but Madelyne is jealous of that idea. So she wipes his ability to have telepathy, rendering him “mindblind.” Or else it’s the Psi-War from X-Men #78-79 that does it. Frankly, it’s hard to tell.

The quality of this book has declined. Incest will do that to you, I guess.

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