At around issue #5 it becomes clear that Tigra is going to be the crew slut.

It’s a shame.  Steve Englehart is so much better than this, but in his hands Ms. Nelson becomes a bit of furry cheesecake who is willing to bang anyone on the team.  This, after Roger Stern gave her complexity for the first time in her history as an underused C-lister–showing her to be insecure on a team with Gods and flying knights, exactly in the way Hawkeye should be insecure, and surviving what was basically rape at the hands of the child-God Molecule Man. Although, come to think of it, that’s really the only time she’s been a fun character to read about.

But apparently her response to that trauma was to try to fuck anyone with a dick.


In this issue, she doesn’t only kiss both Hank Pym and Simon “Wonder Man” Williams…


…she also makes out with the “villain” of the issue, Jack Russell, Werewolf by Night.

I’m really hoping that there’s some kind of mind-control master plan here.  

And speaking of kissing…

But theirs is also hardly a model relationship. I mean, she calls Clint “Hawkypoo:”

“Hawkypoo?”  Although to be fair, Hawkeye looks like a dipshit in that porch scene as well.

There’s some other fun stuff in this issue, like Ultron prank calling Hank. 

In the main story, Morbius is trying to help Jack Russell, who has been set up for having done a crime in his Werewolf form.  It turns out, a different lycanthrope was guilty.

The Avengers are afraid Jack will eat Tigra. But see above. That’s kinda what she wants.

Okay, that was crude.

Jack fights Iron Man.

How does that not lead to permanent injury?

It’s ridiculous that one werewolf can take on this entire team.

And Hawkeye has a vampire arrow.

While that’s all going on, Firebird is looking for Master Pandemonium and almost burns down a poor storeowner’s business.

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