Uncanny X-Men #230 (1988): New Storm costume

A great splash page and a new costume for Storm.

This issue starts with a nice moment: Storm getting a chance to revel in the fact that she’s gotten her powers back.  There’s a brief sequence where she uses the team’s new portal to check on how the New Mutants are doing without them seeing her.  She doesn’t check on Kitty Pryde, though, which is odd because the two of them were always close.

Also: Training sessions!

Does Rogue break the third wall here, when she says, “Nothing’ printable”?

The team is cleaning out The Reavers’ old base to make it their own, still hiding out in Australia. 

Dazzler finds something gross.

But Longshot finds treasure.

Obviously, this is stolen property–and it’s haunted. So in this issue, in the spirit of Christmas, the team goes about returning property stolen by the Reavers to its rightful owners.

Gateway came with the base, and he seems to resent being seen solely as a portal.

So Rogue tries to make friends…

Also, we finally get back to the storyline where The Marauders broke into a hospital and stole Madelyne Pryor’s baby.

That seems like that happened a long time ago.  We see Madelyne is hunting them down—on her own.  No connection to the rest of the book.  (Why isn’t she asking her husband Cyclops for help?  I mean, I get that she’s proud, but she doesn’t have any powers and this is her baby we’re talking about.)

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