NEW MUTANTS #62 (1988): Empath and Magma quit

Magma and Empath take their long-distance crush to the next level.

Magma quits the New Mutants to go join the Hellions to be close to him.

Then the two of them run away to the Amazon to Magma’s father’s hidden city, which is stuck in time in the Ancient Roman era.

There’s some animal punching.

And much of the issue shows Empath feeling unmanly as Amara’s powers are far greater than his, and she’s better at hand-to-hand combat as well. And her, being a private person, resenting that his power is to feel her feelings–even if she wants to keep them private.

Eventually, though, they kiss. And the ground erupts with lava.

Subtle. Subtle innuendo.

At the end, the two are at Amara’s Roman city and decide to stay and live there together.

That’s basically the story for this issue–it’s really about developing their relationship and characters.  I’m sure it’s also setting us up for a bigger story.

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