Deadpool #56 (2001)

Deadpool’s series is about to get weird. Not in terms of content, though. This issue is a fill-in by Buddy Scalera and Karl Kerschl. Next will be a four-issue arc that is numbered both #1-#4 and #57-61. After that, another 1-4 issues with secondary numbering. Those series will have Frank Tieri as the primary writer, and different artists. Then Gail Simone will arrive (yay!) with #65, and produce some really, really good issues.

I’m not saying #56-64 are bad, though.

This one is the love issue. Deadpool starts the issue banging Copycat, who has fallen in love with him. And she’s the jealous type.

She attacks Siryn–who is romantically linked to Deadpool–after intercepting a phone message from her).

Yeah. Copycat’s power is basically the same as Mystique’s.

Siryn thinks he did it, and dumps him. Then Vanessa sees Deadpool is upset about Siryn, so she, too, leaves him.

This is ‘Nuff Said month, where every Marvel comic was supposed to pay tribute to 9/11 by having all or part of the issue wordless. The issue doesn’t even have a wordless sequence. I mean, this is the Merc with a Mouth–why would it? But there’s a nod to the event in the last panel…

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