WOLVERINE #141 (1999)

In this latest issue of what has become essentially Wolverine Team-Up, he briefly meets with Generation X before Gateway teleports him and Jubilee to the Swiss Alps to fight Donald Pierce.

This feels a little pointless–issue after issue of random fights. I get that that is the nature of a “team-up” comic, but the characters are fairly minor and each story seems to set up a new villain or tale, but then doesn’t go anywhere. #139 ended with Viper held by Zola. Issue #140 debuted a new villain who we won’t see again for many issues. This issue introduces a cyberwarrior who looks like Woverine–named Khyber–who we never see again.

Also, Wolverine is probably a skrull during these issues, given that in The Shattering we knew he’d been captured and forced to serve as a horseman for Apocalypse for quite some time.

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