Doctor Strange #57-59 (1993)

I’ve completely lost the thread on this series.  There are giant aliens and demons, including the dude on the cover to issue #58 who is NOT Man-Thing.

And Strange has a mentee of sorts named Kyllian who, like so many of Strange’s students, plays with a toy he’s not supposed to play with and causes all kinds of problems.

At the end of these three issues, Strange has a premonition It’s about Siege of Darkness, which will run through the Ghost Rider universe.  Strange’s book will tie into that “event” next month, and will bear a “Midnight Sons” tag on the cover from then on—thus Dr. Strange is fully coopted into the Ghost Rider universe, despite that he is much more powerful and plays a much broader role in the Marvel Universe.

Hey, Ghost Rider sells better.

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