THOR #41-44 (2001-2002): Taking Charge

Last issue, Odin died fighting Surtur.

Now, Asgard needs a king, but Thor declines, choosing instead to get shitfaced drunk.

But then Jake Olsen nearly dies and Thor has to go save him, after which Jake convinces Thor that the is worthy of being king.

Thor takes the throne.

Meanwhile, Enchantress and Executioner–on Earth–fight Thor Girl. Thor flies down to help and it turns out it’s not the real Executioner? I don’t know. Something with that stupid Bloodaxe that makes people into other people.

None of it matters. The point of all this is that Thor becomes King and, in the background, Desak kills off all the Dark Gods and then is told by Zarrko that if he doesn’t kill Thor, Thor will kill Desak.

So, that’ll be the next arc.

None of this is bad, but it’s also very familiar.

Thor #44 is the ‘Nuff Said tie in, and it’s a terrific recap of Thor’s relationship with Odin–a fitting issue to send off a major Marvel character, even if it occurs at the end of this arc instead of right after Odin’s death.

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