JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #519-520 (1998): Hannibal King; series ends

Hannibal slays some vamps in this two-issue “end” to JiM. It’s written by character creator Marv Wolfman, and it’s nice to see him working in the Marvel vampires space again.

The CIA hires Hannibal to hunt down a group of vampires who stole biological weapons from the U.S.

I like that the CIA is involved–it’s usually only SHIELD doing stuff in the Marvel universe.

In the story, the CIA agent who hired Hannibal gets turned into a vampire by Hannibal–and it seems like we’re building towards a new story that, frankly, would have been pretty cool. That’s the final panel, above.

The title gives way to Thor #1, next month, but this series will return again with this numbering.

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