DAYDREAMERS #1-3 (1997)

Coming out of Black Tom’s attack on their school in Generation X #25, the youngest members of that group (plus Howard the Duck and Tana Nile) fled to the Nexus of Realities–via Man-Thing–and here’s where we learn what happened to them.

And right off the bat, we get a Looney Tunes reference.

Is “Hassan Chop” racist now? Probably.

Most of this miniseries is inconsequential fun.  Alternate versions of Marvel Characters recast as characters from kids books, like Hulk as two beings: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Scarlet Witch as the Wicked Witch, etc.  The team tangles with these characters, getting thrown in jail–it’s everything you’d expect and, like I said, not significant.

What is significant is that Franklin’s mutant powers manifest. 

It turns out, his powers were projecting the entire universe and once he accepts that his parents are dead, the illusion is dispelled and everyone if home.

It’s nice to get a series focusing on members of Generation X who are largely ignored–and having Franklin work through Reed and Sue’s deaths.  It’s a little strange to see him to it in a miniseries that gives no indication from its title that it has significant developments for the Fantastic Four corner of the Marvel Universe, but all in all it’s a solid read.

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