CABLE #55-58 (1998): Cable depowered

Jose Ladronn’s art is cool. Kirbyesque.

Blaquesmith has been captured by Blockade, and is trying to telepathically call Cable for help.

Blockade then goes after Domino.

Domino ends up in the hospital. Cable tracks down Blockade to a criminal bar, where he’s playing poker against Stilt-Man and Hydro-Man.

Cable beats him up then psychically shatters him.

From there, Cable rescues Blaquesmith who, sadly, is being held by Rama Tut. I’m not a Rama Tut fan, but I guess seeing how Cable is a man out of time, Tut’s involvement was inevitable.

I still don’t understand the different between Rama Tut and Kang.

During their fight, there is a “psionic disturbance” that is also referenced in X-Men #77.

As a result of the battle, Cable loses much of his power and his immunity to the TO virus, and SHIELD becomes increasingly aware of him. Agent Walters debuts here–he’s investigating applications for the techno-organic virus.

The next story will involve that plotline.

I liked the Domino/Blockade side of this story much better than the time-travel one, but overall nothing in here is better than Cable drinking coffee…

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