Marvel Fanfare #46 (1989): Fantastic Four

Issue #46 stars the Fantastic Four.

It’s about Reed setting up security systems in the Baxter Building.  He puts cameras in the members’ rooms and makes it so Sue can’t turn invisible inside.  I get him feeling the need to surveil his partners’ bedrooms (and I also get their objections to it), but disabling his wife’s powers seems excessive, controlling, and kind of abusive.

Mad Thinker attacks.  He’s the villain.

Only he arrives trapped in Awesome Android’s body.

During the tale, Mad Thinker jumps into the Baxter Building’s AI and uses the newly built defenses against the team (yeah, saw that coming). He’s pushed out of the building in the end by Reed literally pulling the plug.

It’s not clear what happens with Android or with Thinker’s consiousness.

A solid tale by Barr/Williams. B.

Then there’s a back-up story where Thing reminisces about his life as pre-FF Ben Grimm and feels sorry for himself (again) for being rocky. Not as interesting–more like a “get to know the character” segment. C.

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