STRANGE TALES #150-158 (1966-1967): Nick Fury

Hydra returns as Jack Kirby begins to phase out.

He’s replaced first by Romita but then by Jim Steranko, who will take this book to the artistic stratosphere once he’s freed from working over Kirby’s layouts. Marvel knew he was a big deal:

Anyway, as I was saying: The story is the return of Hydra, after the “fall” of AIM. And look who’s in charge!

These issues have constant intrigue and double-crosses, and at times can be so complicated they’ll make your head hurt.

But just come for the art.


Lots of gadgets.


The first Dreadnought.


Lots of fighting.

Only one cameo sequence, but its a doozy!

And a big explosion in the end, which “kills all the Hydras forever.” Not.

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