Incredible Hulk #369 (1990): How to Beat Blob; 1st Shanzar

I am wary of a story titled, “Silent screams,” but thankfully this is not an anti-abortion comic.

For his first issue on this run, Dale Keown gets to draw a fun, action-packed battle of Hulk versus Freedom Force.  It’s inconsequential but it’s very well written and a good way to introduce a new artist.

One of the many great things about Peter David is that he finds the voice of every character in every comic. No one is ignored. He even bothers to take the time to develop Crimson Commando as a character. And Crimson Commando is a pointless dude.

And here’s how to beat Blob:

how to beat the blob

Brilliant.  Leave the unmovable Blob right where he is and go do something else.

Later Hulk figures out Blob can only absorb punches if he’s grounded, so he tricks him into being airborne.

And then plays baseball with him.

There’s a one-page sequence as well where we see the demonic sorcerer Shanzar for the first time.

Or, at least we see his hand.

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