Web of Spider-Man #39 (1988)

A thief breaks into Nathan Lubensky’s apartment and steals the ring he was going to use ot propose to Aunt May, so Spidey tracks it down.  Turns out, coincidence-of-coincidences, the thief is the super-powered Looter.

Then, Nate proposes to May.  Awwwwwww.

Spider-Man is having costume problems so he gets a cheap one.

Fabian Niceiza’s future as a humorous Deadpool writer is clear.

So then Peter has to get a new costume again…

Also a strange shout out to Robert Tempia, who designed super-hero costumes, and … Bob Flanagan? Surely they don’t mean the famous sadomasochist? Because that Bob didn’t look like the bearded dude above.

A silly story elevated by a good script and wedding proposal.

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